2024 Cironomy's visionary co-founder Tian Zhao has passed away. We are crestfallen. The global community has rallied in Toronto to celebrate Tian and push forward his legacy.

Read about Tian's life and legacy in his obituary>

2023: Cironomy at ETHPrague 2023: Circonomy co-founder Tian Zhao spoke at ETHPrague, June 2023. The theme is Where Cypherpunks meet Solarpunk!

Spring 2023: Monthly meetup ... ReFiTO Circonomy in Toronto at ReFiTO>

Cironomy has partnered with ReFiTO, launched in March 2023: Co-founder Tian Zhao shares insights about how Regenerative Finance can promote social and environmental justice, while also generating financial returns. (Toronto event)

Winter 2023: Podcast: The Circular Economy and ReFi with Tian Zhao

W3B Talks, a podcast from Blockchain Research Institute's Douglas Heintzman, examines the impact and potential of Web3 and blockchain technologies on business, government, and society. In this episode, Tian talks with Douglas about how Web3 and blockchain technologies are being leveraged to build functional economics around sustainable practices.

Fall 2022: Celo recognizes Circonomy with Reimagining Money Award, after graduating from celo camp> 

december 2022

Celo recognizes us with Reimagining Money Award !

What an eventful week this has been!!! We won one of @celo_camp's Reimagining Money Awards, a small but significant victory!! details at Celo >

But, we also got accepted into @_buildspace 's Nights & Weekends program! So grateful! …

November 2022

Circonomy graduates from celo camp 6 accelerator

December 2021

Kernel put us in motion

What a way to begin our web3 startup.
The idea for Circonomy took shape within Kernel Block 4.