ABOUT circonomy

the DeSci DAO creating circular economies.

Circonomy is a Web3/ReFi product company and emerging force in the venture studio space, sharing its expertise in Web3 and Circular Economics. The venture services are delivered by a dynamic team of co-founders, with deep experience in traditional and Web3 business advisory, fractional fundraising, and fractional product design and development.

Our history:

1 \ 2021, we were born in Kernel Fellowship KB4 >

2 \ 2022, we built our MVP product in Celocamp Batch 6 >

3 \ 2023, we launched Circonomy Venture Studio services>

Our core team :

Tian-Yuan Zhao

product / design

Toronto, CA

Will Anderson

business / strategy

Maryland, US

Wais Mohamed

dev / data / cloud

Ottowa, CA

Gregor Hrelja

research / business

Toronto, CA

Our contributors :

Stephen Allen

partners / blockchain

Derby, UK


What we are building today

Circonomy is a DAO platform for proliferating circular economic projects all over the world.

We'll accomplish all this by developing Circonomy products and supporting other businesses via Circonomy Venture Studio services. On the product side, we're building a DApp with a combination of on-chain registration of circular economic projects driven by a crowdfunding model for the purpose of common ownership. On-chain tracking of all circular activity (e.g. recycling) has a recycle-to-earn cryptoeconomics model underpinning it. This model includes a native token, with ReFi features such as staking, and a peer-to-peer marketplace as well.

Our plan:

  • Launch our own Circonomy products, finding fit with customers/users
  • Extend fractional services through Circonomy Venture Studio offering
  • Receive Funding to scale Circonomy adoption and impact

Current Traction

  • We are early-stage receiving quadratic grant funding via Gitcoin Grants
  • We started in the KERNEL Fellowship and graduated from KB4
  • We participated in EthBarcelona 2022
  • We completed CeloCamp6 accelerator in 2022
  • We joined the Sapien Network in early 2023
  • We established the Circonomy Venture Studio in late 2023