April 18, 2024

Dear members of the Web3 ecosystem,

We share the tragic news that our beloved friend and co-founder, Tian Zhao (May 5, 1992 - April 9, 2024), has passed away from a sudden illness. We appreciate the kindness and outpouring of support, to us and Tian's parents in Winnipeg.

Tian wanted a better world, and he set out to build it. And we are all grateful to have been a part of his journey. We will miss this brilliant, caring, restless young renaissance man.

- Will, Gregor, Wais and Stephen -

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Tian's Life Celebration - Toronto - April 21, 2024

Building beside the one and only Tian

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News >

2023: Cironomy at ETHPrague 2023: Circonomy co-founder Tian Zhao spoke at ETHPrague, June 2023. The theme is Where Cypherpunks meet Solarpunk!

Spring 2023: Monthly meetup ... ReFiTO Circonomy in Toronto at ReFiTO>

Cironomy has partnered with ReFiTO, launched in March 2023: Co-founder Tian Zhao shares insights about how Regenerative Finance can promote social and environmental justice, while also generating financial returns. (Toronto event)

Winter 2023: Podcast: The Circular Economy and ReFi with Tian Zhao

W3B Talks, a podcast from Blockchain Research Institute's Douglas Heintzman, examines the impact and potential of Web3 and blockchain technologies on business, government, and society. In this episode, Tian talks with Douglas about how Web3 and blockchain technologies are being leveraged to build functional economics around sustainable practices.

Fall 2022: Celo recognizes Circonomy with Reimagining Money Award, after graduating from celo camp> 

the problem:

Circular economic projects lack tools to scale

at macro-level

Climate change, Consumerism & Greenwashing. Today, recycling is a broken, low-trust industry

at mid-level

Circular projects are the answer. But most are expensive to establish and difficult to scale locally.

at micro-level

Sustainable commerce is attractive, but often inaccessible.

our solution:

Use a DeSci DAO to empower true circular economies

This is just a start. As we put more of the circular economy onchain, we prevent greenwashing altogether, we benefit consumers and re-consumers, we we benefit society with large scale resource efficiency.


We are a Web3 cooperative, centered on empowering circular economics and circular design projects to improve our world. our community>